Friday, June 8, 2012

AnyBackup 0.9.6 Released

Hot on the heels of 0.9.5, I've released 0.9.6 to address some immediate deficiencies resulting from the major overhaul of the underlying application.
  • File cache layer between SQLite and AnyBackup
    • This addresses the lag the can occur when browsing an indexed drive, especially when you have > 100k files across all indexed drives
  • Improved search dialog making use of the new SQLite backend
    • Search by drive
    • Specify search type: Contains, Ends with, Starts With, or pass in a SQL string (i.e. %.mp3)
    • Specify file type (directory or file)
    • Search dialog is persisted so your input is saved (unless a drive is added or removed -- then the dialog is destroyed and recreated)
  • Clicking on a result file no longer automatically displays it in the content pane, instead this has been moved to a popup menu option
  • Changed remote indexing port to not conflict with standard XVNC port
AnyBackup 0.9.6 -- As always please note that these are all items I own or have bought in one form or another -- don't sue me. :)
The new search dialog in 0.9.6

The new 'Show In Content Panel' option


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