Sunday, March 6, 2011

AnyBackup 0.5

I put up version 0.5 of AnyBackup on the google code page today.

Change Log:
  • Issue 19: AnyBackup throws exception on trying to view empty drives.
  • Issue 8: Update restore function to use pending write feature 
  • Bugfix: Directories were indexed with their own name in their path variable, this has been fixed.
  • Bugfix: Directories should come before files in search results. 
  • Cleanup: Removed unnecessary free space checks during backups / restores since the pending write feature ensures we won't use a drive with inadequate space.
  • Issue 11: Paginated Results 
  • Issue 17: AnyBackup keeps track of empty folders 
  • Bugfix: Folders were not included in search results, they are now.
  • Issue 1: Create AnyBackup Property File 
  • Issue 2: Add option to use balanced backup volume selection
  • Issue 15: AnyBackup doesn't report failure upon attempting to add an unnamed drive.
  • Issue 14: Backup Sort Bug -- this is now resolved by initializing the to backup array at the same time as the old files array.
Not a lot has visually changed about the program aside from the new result page selector, nonetheless here is a screenshot of the updated AnyBackup:

Please note that the above mkv files are rips from DVD box sets I own. :)