Friday, June 8, 2012

AnyBackup 0.9.6 Released

Hot on the heels of 0.9.5, I've released 0.9.6 to address some immediate deficiencies resulting from the major overhaul of the underlying application.
  • File cache layer between SQLite and AnyBackup
    • This addresses the lag the can occur when browsing an indexed drive, especially when you have > 100k files across all indexed drives
  • Improved search dialog making use of the new SQLite backend
    • Search by drive
    • Specify search type: Contains, Ends with, Starts With, or pass in a SQL string (i.e. %.mp3)
    • Specify file type (directory or file)
    • Search dialog is persisted so your input is saved (unless a drive is added or removed -- then the dialog is destroyed and recreated)
  • Clicking on a result file no longer automatically displays it in the content pane, instead this has been moved to a popup menu option
  • Changed remote indexing port to not conflict with standard XVNC port
AnyBackup 0.9.6 -- As always please note that these are all items I own or have bought in one form or another -- don't sue me. :)
The new search dialog in 0.9.6

The new 'Show In Content Panel' option

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AnyBackup 0.9.5 Released

I've made a lot of changes since 0.9.4 in November last year. I put 0.9.5 up for download tonight, enjoy!

Major changes:

  • SQLite
    • Super fast
    • Less memory usage
    • Comparable disk usage
    • More flexible
    • Externally accessible
  • Many minor bug fixes
  • Complete / consistent icon pack
  • Backup sets
  • Thread crash detection
  • Logging to homedir so may work on UAC enabled machines
    • Super strict UAC settings seem to deny access to network drives, so if you use network drives like me you still might have issues

Not that I've heard from too many people on the app before, but as always, if you hit issues, don't hesitate to let me know or file an issue on the Google code page.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

AnyBackup Upcoming Release

For anyone out there that uses AnyBackup, if anyone out there does beside myself and family -- there have been over a thousand downloads but that says nothing about actual usage, I've not abandoned the project. I just haven't had time recently to do much. I spent a lot of time this weekend, however, revamping it. Some of the biggest changes are under the hood, I've totally changed how data is stored which necessitated moving and rewriting a great deal of code.

Major Changes:

  • Moved to SQLlite as a backend
    • Generally more performant than the proprietary mishmash of objects currently in play
    • Doesn't rely on pickle
    • More flexible
    • Data can be viewed / accessed outside of AnyBackup
      • Probably not super useful for most people but if you had a reason to want to get at this data, it's now very easy
      • It's also very useful for troubleshooting
  • Click & Drag functionality from AnyBackup
    • You can now click and drag files displayed in AnyBackup and drop them in folders, drives, your desktop, etc
      • The above is only true if the files reside on a drive that is connected, of course
  • Right click or double click on files to show in explorer
    • If you double click on file x.txt AnyBackup will launch an explorer instance with x.txt highlighted
  • Modified Time is now displayed in file tables in addition to size and name
  • Search now uses sql syntax instead of regex (necessitated by the switch to SQLlite)
  • Sets now supported
    • This was a feature that really didn't mesh well with the legacy code base so I hadn't gotten much further despite taking a few different approaches
    • Each set is completely independent of any other
    • You can have multiple identical sets if desired
      • i.e. if you want to do rolling backups with different sets of backup drives against the same content drive(s)
    • There's a new toolbar which lets you switch between sets
  • A few optimizations here or there to avoid slowing down on SQLlite queries
  • Thread crash detection
    • Previously thread handling really sucked (it's still pretty messy) but it was so bad a thread could crash and the gui wouldn't recognize it thus leaving the gui continuously displaying the scrolling progress dialog as if the process were still running
    • When a thread crashes now this is recognized and the error is popped up in a dialog box
Look for this revamped version to be up for download in the next week or so.