Saturday, April 9, 2011

AnyBackup 0.6 Released

I've released AnyBackup 0.6 today!


  • Resize-able elements
  • File sizes are now displayed (in MB) alongside the file names in the browser and result tables
  • Result page selector is only cleared at the appropriate times
  • Sticky backup mode keeps track of pending write directories to cluster files appropriately
  • Windows exe version now comes in an easy to use installer package
For the few people who've discovered it, enjoy! I've been using it regularly for my own backups and it accurately backs up my greyhole pool.

I've had discussions with a friend about how a branch would be approached for linux, it sounds doable, but right now I don't have the interest since my primary concern is Windows where I use the application. If anyone would like to take a crack at it I can explain my ideas. I certainly wouldn't mind any additional python developers helping maintain / improve AnyBackup.

AnyBackup 0.6
Download at

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