Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AnyBackup 0.8 Released


  • Issue 33 : Write to user's home dir to avoid UAC conclicts
  • Issue 35 - Missing drive prompt crashes AnyBackup
  • Issue 34 - Add backup drive lock feature
  • Issue 32 - Use last modified time in hash check
  • Issue 37 : Allow multiple selections in Drive listNewFiles
  • Issue 36: Remote Indexing
  • Issue 39 : Make indexing on drive addition optional
  • Issue 40 : Allow addition of multiple drives at once
  • Issue 41 : Revise GUI to show backup and content drives at the same time
Notable differences in this version:
  • Remote index server script provided to bypass samba for indexing a linux shared directory
    • This GREATLY speeds up indexing of large volumes over samba, testing showed 20-30 minutes of indexing go to ~3 minutes
  • There is no drop down for selecting Backup or Content drives, all drives are now displayed in one list, content drives are listed in bold

Download at

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