Sunday, June 3, 2012

AnyBackup Upcoming Release

For anyone out there that uses AnyBackup, if anyone out there does beside myself and family -- there have been over a thousand downloads but that says nothing about actual usage, I've not abandoned the project. I just haven't had time recently to do much. I spent a lot of time this weekend, however, revamping it. Some of the biggest changes are under the hood, I've totally changed how data is stored which necessitated moving and rewriting a great deal of code.

Major Changes:

  • Moved to SQLlite as a backend
    • Generally more performant than the proprietary mishmash of objects currently in play
    • Doesn't rely on pickle
    • More flexible
    • Data can be viewed / accessed outside of AnyBackup
      • Probably not super useful for most people but if you had a reason to want to get at this data, it's now very easy
      • It's also very useful for troubleshooting
  • Click & Drag functionality from AnyBackup
    • You can now click and drag files displayed in AnyBackup and drop them in folders, drives, your desktop, etc
      • The above is only true if the files reside on a drive that is connected, of course
  • Right click or double click on files to show in explorer
    • If you double click on file x.txt AnyBackup will launch an explorer instance with x.txt highlighted
  • Modified Time is now displayed in file tables in addition to size and name
  • Search now uses sql syntax instead of regex (necessitated by the switch to SQLlite)
  • Sets now supported
    • This was a feature that really didn't mesh well with the legacy code base so I hadn't gotten much further despite taking a few different approaches
    • Each set is completely independent of any other
    • You can have multiple identical sets if desired
      • i.e. if you want to do rolling backups with different sets of backup drives against the same content drive(s)
    • There's a new toolbar which lets you switch between sets
  • A few optimizations here or there to avoid slowing down on SQLlite queries
  • Thread crash detection
    • Previously thread handling really sucked (it's still pretty messy) but it was so bad a thread could crash and the gui wouldn't recognize it thus leaving the gui continuously displaying the scrolling progress dialog as if the process were still running
    • When a thread crashes now this is recognized and the error is popped up in a dialog box
Look for this revamped version to be up for download in the next week or so.

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