Sunday, June 12, 2011

AnyBackup 0.9 Released

I've released AnyBackup 0.9 today. The GUI has been overhauled, a few key features have been added, and many pain points have been sped up significantly.

The major changes are that I've switched the GUI up to use AUI, it's a lot prettier and easier to get around in. I've tweaked remote indexing and switched to Pyro for sending remote python objects. This cut the remote indexing time in half more or less. I've also added the ability to select which directories you want to backup up from content drives.

Yes, I'm aware the screenshot below says 0.8, I forgot to update this before building the version and it's such a minor issue I saw no reason to rebuild/upload for it.

Download at:


  • Issue 43 - Update GUI to use aui
  • Issue 44 - Search result file click broken
  • Issue 45 - Add status text to splash screen
  • Issue 46 - File view area not showing whole directory path
  • Issue 47 - Switch remote indexing to use Pyro
  • Issue 48 - Avoid using deepcopy in threaded actions
  • Issue 50 - File icon type not always correctly displayed.
  • Issue 51 - Remote index function not updating drive space information
  • Issue 25 - Allow addition of folders only
AnyBackup 0.9

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